The products of the VIBIOS D range contain different active principles, which offer a complete and safe protection against the bacterial degradation with a wide range of industrial treatments.

VIBIOS D is a range of chemicals studied for the control and the cleaning of the microbiologically contaminated cycles. According to their function, they can be divided in:

I prodotti della gamma VIBIOS D sono utilizzati allo scopo di risolvere le diverse problematiche che hanno origine nei processi di lavorazione e, secondo la funzione svolta, possono essere suddivisi in :
•  Fungicides,
•  Bactericides,
•  Algaecides,
•  Anti-slime,
•  Anti-mold,
•  Disinfectants,
•  Bio-dispersants.

According to the kind of product and to the application field, the use of VIBIOS D products allows:

•  Control and prevention of the microbiologic contamination
•  Preservation of industrial products in aqueous and intermediate phase
•  Lasting conservation of artefact of natural or synthetic origin
•  Inhibition of the growth of fungi, molds, yeasts, which cause degradation and bed smells



VIPRO D is a range of odor-control used in the treatment of sludges and into water depuration plants both for civil and for industrial use.

VIPRO D are organic products which react covering and blocking the molecules responsible for bad odors by binding to that molecules blocking their volatility.
VIPRO D products improve the environment conditions.


Nutrients / enzymes

VIBAT D is a range of different formulations which includes nutrients and selected microorganisms. They are formulated to assure through the nutrients an optimal bacterial metabolism. With the selected microorganisms there is an increase of the biological reproduction and the enzymatic secretions in aerobic or anaerobic environment, reducing the polluting organic component.

VIBAT DEB - Enzymes/bacteria
VIBAT DNP - Nutrients in powder
VIBAT DNL - Nutrients in liquid form

VIBAT D range is used in all biological depuration process to obtain high performances in terms of quality, quantity and economy.


Synthetic flocculants for the clariflocculation and coagulation for the treatment of waste water and sludges.

The complete range includes:

VIFLOC DP - powder flocculants
VIFLOC DE - emulsion flocculants
VIFLOC DMP - multicomponent flocculants
VIFLOC DL - liquid organic coagulants
VIFLOC DA - inorganic coagulants, aluminium based
VIFLOC DML - mix coagulants
VIFLOC DF - inorganic coagulants, iron based
VIFLOC DD - decolorizing agents

-a range of synthetic flocculants designed to improve the flocculation of particles / solids commonly present in water.
- a range of different nature coagulants for the water treatment

The range of VIFLOC D is the result of various experiences in the world regarding the separation treatment of solid / liquid systems.

The wide VIFLOC D range assure for every single liquid/solid separation problem, the application of the right product with the best result.

VIFLOC D dosages are extremely reduced thanks to their good affinity to the solid parts, which are completely eliminated with the flocculed part avoiding the accumulation of process water.

-clariflocculation through:
    • retention and drainage
    • clariflocculation by sedimentation process and / or floatation
 - sludge dewatering


Deaerating agents / defoamers

RAID is a range of very efficacious antifoam products, available in different solutions and distinguishable from composition, physical state and effect.

•  RAID DE - Aqueous emulsion   
•  RAID DB - Oil           
•  RAID DT - Copolymer       
•  RAID DS - Silicones       

The products of the range RAID D are used in many industrial applications to solve the different problems of foamy formations, which come from the manufacturing processes.

Prerogatives of RAID D defoamers are:
•  de-aerating / preventive action of foam formation
•  extended persistence in the production cycles
•  ability to intervene on the superficial tension with quick effect
•  possibility to be used in rooms with different temperature and pH conditions