Liquid borax - fixative stabilizing agent for starch glues

FIX ONDA is a range of stabilizer for starch glue preparations, they are liquid and based on inorganic salts and polyalcohol, they act on different levels influencing the quality of glue.

These products intervene in the kinetic of the glue solidification modifying the rheological parameters of the starch.
FIX ONDA are added into the starch glue in substitution of borax in powder.

Using the products of the range FIX ONDA produces the following benefits:

•  their liquid form makes them easily and fully dispersible in the glue, greatly reducing the times of agitation in the starch cooker
•  increase in glue stability, over time and in the whole machine cycle
•  reduction of the glue quantity applied on the wave
•  reduction of the “wash boarding” phenomenon
•  possibility to use them in all the formulations starch (corn, wheat, pea, potato, tapioca, etc.)
•  improved machinability
•  better mechanical properties of the corrugated board (ECT, BCT)
•  “repulping” of the corrugated board
•  no dangerous label, no risk for the human healt


Wet strength resins for starch glues / gluing assistants

CELTIS ONDA is a range of gluing assistants for the different starch formulations; in liquid form, it acts on different levels improving the glue quality but leaving unchanged the viscosity during its utilisation in machine and during the entire storing cycle.

It is suggested the utilisation of the range CELTIS ONDA as a gluing assistant to add in the final phase of the glue preparation into the tank or directly into the machine chests after stirring.

Its particular chemical composition permits to confer an excellent wet resistance to all the kind of starch glue used to produce the corrugated board.


Gluing assistants / wetting agents

DROP ONDA is a range of gluing assistants for starch preparations; in liquid form and based on synthetic polymers.

These products act on different levels influencing the quality of the glue.
DROP ONDA products intervene in the kinetic of glue solidification, by modifying the rheological parameters of the starch, improving the efficacy of thermic exchange, the values of adhesion and cohesion that, together with a higher penetrability of paper, allow the uniformity in the distribution of the glue.


Defoamers / deaerating agents for starch glues

RAID is a range of  defoamers/deaerating agents in emulsion, specific for the preparation of glues with starches of different origin (corn, potato…).

RAID products are particularly indicated in the use of glues for the production of corrugated board and guarantee a complete de-aerating action in the corrugated board basins and in the whole circuit used.

The air englobed in the glue causes the growing of its volume. This implies a decrease in the quantity of glue given to the wave. This fact can determine the “unglued” and for this reason it is important to take out the air dissolved in the glue with RAID products.

This products can be employed at different pH, temperature and density conditions.


Biocides / Fungicides for starch glues

VIBIOS ONDA is a biocide range formulated for the complete microbiological protection of starch glue and it is high efficacious in preventing the microbiological contamination which causes the physical and chemical degradation of glue.


Antifriction agents for corrugated board

TAKE ONDA is an antifriction-antistatic agent that gives flow ability and is employed in the production of the corrugated board.
It guarantees fluidity to the hot plates allowing a rising in the machine speed and at the same time a decrease in the energetic absorption. The product doesn’t soil the paper.
TAKE ONDA is sprayed on the surface of the corrugated board before entering the hot plates.

TAKE ONDA is used exactly as it is if nebulized with atomizer, or pre-diluted with water in ratio: 1/1 or 1/5 with spraying plant with pomp and nozzles.


Protective lubricants for cutting blades

TAKE ONDA T is a range of protective lubricants for blades employed in the production of corrugated board.
It guarantees high protection and fluency to every kind of blade, reducing to the minimum the friction with the corrugated board and guaranteeing a longer life to the blades.

TAKE ONDA T are sprayed on the surface of the blades before and after coming in touch with the paperboard. They are used with appropriated felts or nebulized with atomizers, in the spraying plant with pomp and nozzles.


Protective/antistatic agent for corrugating cylinders

VIRES ONDA is range a protective/antistatic device for corrugated cylinders specifically formulated to contrast and to be applied at high temperatures. It is used in the production of corrugated board.

These products guarantee high protection and smoothness to all types of cylinders in order to maintain performance over time and guaranteeing a longer life.


Detergents for applicator rolls

STRIP ONDA A detergents are normally employed to clean the sticking cylinders during the stops. The prerogative of the washings with STRIP ONDA A  products is to completely dissolve the encrustations which cause the obstruction of the cells on the roll, improving the efficacy and the lasting. 

STRIP ONDA A products are put on the roll in a uniform way with air automatisms which allow the complete nebulization.


Detergents for water-based inks

STRIP ONDA B is a special high dilution detergent range for water-based inks which are used for printing. It has been studied for the daily cleaning of printing plates, anilox printing machines and any other washable surface.

The product allows optimal cleaning in the whole ink cycle, on the rolled, rubberised cylinders and squeegees.


Detergents for washing cycles

STRIP ONDA S are detergents employed on corrugated boards to clean during the stops, the starch distribution pipes. 

The use of STRIP ONDA S products is suggested in periodic washings to dissolve the starch sedimentations and, at the same time, to disinfect the plant.


Dispersants / anti-limescale for starch glue

MECRIL ONDA products are dispersants, anti-limescale in liquid form, based on organic polymers, which have a delaying effect on the crystallization threshold of salts that determine the hardness of water.

MECRIL ONDA are added in the final phase of starch glue preparation to prevent the calcareous encrustations in the sticking cylinders and in the glue distribution pipes.


Barrier and hydrophobic agents for paper

VIKART ONDA products are used with the aim to form a film which has hydrophobic properties. It forms a barrier that protects against grease, oil and vapour on the paper/corrugated board surface.

The effect depends on the quantity of product applied, allowing the control of different Cobb values until the surface treated become completely waterproof.


Deinking agent

VIKING ONDA products are a mixture of reactive coagulant agents, flocculant agents, disemulsifying agents, discolouring and absorbent agents that, taking advantage from their different action times in the waste water that has to be treated, allow a complete chemical/physical treatment in a single stadium, making the depuration plant easier and avoiding the installation of different dosing systems with many storing and preparation systems.

They find their employ in the treatment of industrial waste water characterized by the presence of high quantities of polluting substances both organic and inorganic.