Defoamers / deaerating agents

RAID is a range of very efficacious antifoam products, available in different solutions and distinguishable from composition, physical state and effect in:

•  RAID E - Aqueous emulsion
•  RAID B - Oil         
•  RAID T - Copolymer        
•  RAID S - Silicones   
•  RAID P - Powders   

The products of the range RAID are used in many industrial applications to solve the different problems of foamy formations, which come from the manufacturing processes.

Prerogatives of RAID antifoams are:

•  de-aerating / preventive action of foam formation.
•  extended persistence in the production cycles.
•  ability to intervene on the superficial tension with quick effect.
•  possibility to be used in rooms with different temperature and pH conditions


Products for creeping

Complete range of products for Yankee cylinder able to manage different factors, which intervene in the creeping process. The range is composed by:

- Coating films

- Passivating

- Releasing agents

- Softeners

GRIP range
products which help the formation of the coating on the Yankee cylinder conferring different levels of adhesiveness and protection, according to the production process and to the quality required to the finished product.

GRIP SAL range
salt solutions which act on the Yankee cylinder coating conferring hardness/plasticity. They also have passivating/protective action to the Yankee cylinder.

TAKE range
emulsible oils of various nature (vegetable, mineral, synthetic/ mix) which intervene improving the releasing action of the paper from the Yankee cylinder surface.

The formulations are specific and adaptable to different production conditions due to:
• composition and quality of the mixture components (pulp and recycled)
• speed of the paper machine
• characteristics of the Yankee cylinder.

dispersion of softerners well studied and balanced among them. MELSOFT products, added in bulk, swell the fibre without reducing the mechanical characteristics, giving a particular softness to the finished product.


Flame retardants / fireproofing agents for paper and paperboard

ENEIDE products are a range of flame retardants for paper and paperboard for surface application.

The cellulose starts its decomposition at 300°C, developing gases which ignite at 350°C; adding ENEIDE the composition of these gases changes, avoiding the ignition and the spread of flames.

ENEIDE product range is the result of different worldwide experiences concerning flame retardancy of paper and paperboard.

The wide ENEIDE range ensures the achievement of the European standards required in several application fields.

Fireproofing mechanisms:
•  Protective coating formation
•  Gas evolution
•  Thermic action
•  Dehydration action


Detergents to clean cycles, wires and felts

STRIP is a range of detergents studied to clean cycles, wires and felts.
STRIP range is made of detergents, dispersants of different nature: acids, basics or neutrals. In this way each specific problem will obtain the best result.

• Cycles washing (long and short)
•  Wires washing
•  Felts washing



VIBIOS is a range of biocides, they are formulated with different active principles able to offer a complete protection against the microbiological degradation in a wide range of industrial treatments.

The products of the VIBIOS range are used to solve different problems in the working processes and, depending on the function performed, they can be categorized in:
•  Fungicides
•  Bactericides
•  Algaecides
•  Antislime
•  Anti-mould
•  Biodispersant
•  Disinfectants

As regards the typology and the application sector, the use of VIBIOS products allows:   
•  Preventing and control of the microbiological contamination.
•  Conservation of the industrial products in aqueous phase and intermediate phase.
•  Conservation in time of handmade articles of synthetical or natural origin.
•  Inhibition of growth for fungi, moulds, yeasts, which cause degradation and unpleasant odors


Deinking agents

VIKING is range of deinking agents highly efficient in all deinking plants.

Their foamy coagulant components can capture all inks mixture formed during the waste paper recycling.
These products increase the white grade of the end product.

VIKING products are particularly efficacious to treat strong inks like: flexographic, laser, serigraphy, u.v. glazing and inks of old printings. Furthermore, it can reduce the presence of hot melts in the waste paper, so it can increase the paste quality.

VIKING products assure good results even if temperatures are from 25 °C to 30°C at neutral pH, so the running costs of the plant are reduced.


Pulping assistants

DROP is a range of synthetic adjuvants studied to improve the pulping of the fibres into the pulper.

The range offers wetting agents and oxidants to provide a better wettability of the paper and an easier opening of the cellulose fibers with the benefit to reduce the pulping time in the pulper, also for wet resistant sheets.


Synthetic and natural adjuvants to improve the mechanical characteristics of the paper sheet and co-binders for coating.

CELTIS is a range of synthetic and natural adjuvants intended to improve mechanical characteristics of the paper sheet.

CELTIS are subdivided into the following families:
CELTIS RES - Wet strength resins
CELTIS DS - Dry strength resins
CELTIS C - Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC)
CELTIS P - Protein

Using CELTIS products has following benefits:
•  increasing of mechanical characteristics of the paper sheet - traction, blast, etc
•  reduction of refining time, decreasing energy consumptions.
•  increasing of the fixing, so optimisation of resins consumptions for sizing and wet strength such as Kimene
•  reduction of the powder into the machine
•  augmentation of retention charge and pigments
•  better formation of the sheet, the retention helped by the product addiction, allows a better water drainage, improving the work of the machine and the plant potentials.
•  reduction of synthetic binders into the coating; better printability.


Anti stickies

VIRES is a range of products studied to prevent or reduce deposits on the cylinder of wires, on the felts and on the drying cylinder with action of passivation, fixation, dispersion, etc.

VIRES product are particularly indicated into production process which use pulp.


Fluorescence inhibitor

REFLEX is a range of cationic water-soluble polymers, recommended to neutralize the fluorescence effect derived to the presence of optical brightness.

REFLEX can be used during the production changes, when the production turns from white paper with optical brightness to coloured paper or without optical brightness, with the aim to reduce the time of production changes and the washing of machine cycles.


Dispersants / antilimestone

MECRIL is a range of liquid dispersing, antiscale agents based on organic polymers, with a delaying effect on the salts crystallization threshold, which determines the hardness of water.
MECRIL are added into water of circuits to preserve to scale deposits.

These products acts according to their formulation  inhibiting or stabilizing the crystals formation, increasing the salts solution or dispersing the already formed crystals.


Flocculants / retentives / coagulants

VIFLOC is a range of synthetic flocculants studied to improve the retention of fibres and additives used during the production.

The retention is favoured by the addition of the product and it allows a better drainage of the water, increasing the quality of the machine and the potential of the plants and reducing the wastes and the cargo to the recovery plant.

 VIFLOC range is wide and assures for each specific separation problem between solids and liquids, the application of the product with the best performance.

- Retention and drainage
- Clariflocculation through:
    •  sedimentation
    •  flotation
- Sludge dewatering



PAINTVI is a range of dyes for paper. This range has different categories:    

- Anionics (used in paper for print, tissue, carton board, corrugated board, special paper):
    •  liquids
    •  powders

- Pigments
    •  Liquids (used in paper in which is demanded a high solidity to the light, decorative paper, color of coating or paper, etc)
    •  Basics (used in the production of paper and paper board used for packaging and derived from waste paper)


Barriers / adjuvants for surface treatment of paper and carton board

VIKART is a range of synthetic additives studied to form a film which provide a barrier against fats and oils, water and vapour.

The wide VIKART range assure for each specific exigence, the best technical-economical solution.