Detergents for PET cleaning

STRIP PE is a range of chemicals intended to be applied for superficial cleaning and degreasing of PET flakes or of general plastic material, basic or neutral with low environmental impact.



Flocculants used for the waste water treatment before their reuse or elimination to remove sand parts, collois, etc.
Products of VIFLOC PE range are polymers or coagulants, in emulsion, powder or liquid form, they can have cationic or anionic charge. VIFLOC PE are used in the conditioning of waste water and organic/inorganic sludges, in the treatment of process waters of all industrial fields, in the filtration and mechanical dehydration (filter press, belt-press, centrifuge, etc.), in the treatment of clariflocculation with or without polymers and coagulants.
Using these products assures these benefits:
•  increasing in the sedimentation speed
•  amelioration in the quality of the clariflocculation,
•  reduction of the filtration time
•  increasing in the production of dehydrated sludge
•  augmentation of the dry part in the sludge dehydrated
•  amelioration in the quality of the filtration.


Defoamers in water emulsion

Defoamers in water emulsion which are mostly used into industrial production cycles where is asked a preventive de-aerating action of the foam together with a good persistence.