Vice Chemicals is an Italian chemical company born in 1999 specialized in the research, production and distribution of industrial chemical auxiliaries.
The significant experience gained in these years of activity, supported by the constant research of our laboratory and by the continuous work of highly skilled technicians has allowed the company to be positioned as an important point of reference in the Italian paper and cardboard market.

Our philosophy consists in offering the customers a wide range of services before and after sales in full compliance with all the dictates of the regulations in force. The study of the product, the trials, the industrial and laboratory simulations, the calculation of an effective dosage system aimed at the cost optimization and finally the continuous products monitoring are an example of our attention to the industrial process needs as well as to the customers.


Vice s.r.l. stands out for its complete production autonomy: from the supply of the raw materials, the processing, the preparation of the finished product, the delivery, the traceability of the processing order to an after sales service always careful to the customer requests.

Having the entire production cycle within our headquarter allows us to maintain the highest level of fluidity and transparency in the management of the orders and the customer relations providing quality, attention and appropriate solutions. Furthermore, we support “environmental policies”, therefore, we try to provide more and more eco-sustainable, green and low environmental impact chemical resources.


Vice s.r.l. has an internal laboratory that performs constant researches and development activities in order to improve, innovate and experiment new products.
Thanks to the inventive and the experiences gained, we are able to face every new market’s needs by providing products that have already been tested or formulations of new products specifically demanded by the customer. It is important to highlight that our work is implemented by paying particular attention to the environmental impact and to the occupational hazards.

We are in constant development to meet the requirements of the regulations in force:
from the regulation, REACH-CLP regarding the classification, the labelling and the packaging of the chemical substances and mixtures, to the regulation EU 528/2012 regarding the entry on the market and the use of biocides. We are also concerned about all the rules regarding the protection of people’s health and of the environment.


The technical assistance starts from the analysis of the customer and the prospect for the identification of the appropriate chemical solutions. Our team consist of specialized technicians with at least 20 years of experience in the field, which allows us to offer an even wider and more personalized service.
Vice s.r.l. offers services, such as: product monitoring, laboratory tests and simulations, industrial verification tests, products trials, checks and dosing systems, plant assistance and targeted consulting.

Considering the complexity of the current industrial processes, our specialized technicians offer different kinds of services to address urgent problems related to the production dynamics.

We organize services to make available at the soonest possible times the following:
- Direct line of consulting with a structured intervention method.
- One or more national or international technicians that analyse the situation to support the clients.

We obtained the certification UNI EN ISO 9001 that certificate the quality for the activities of research and development and for the production and commercialisation of chemicals.